CEDaR Online Recording

Please use this website to submit wildlife records for Northern Ireland - both native and non-native. You can upload an image with your record if one is available and this will help with the verification process that each record goes through.


Most of the recording forms have the functionality to allow you to mark your records as sensitive; this means that your spatial reference can be blurred to a resolution of your choice when displayed publicly.  This action can be taken to protect, for example, mammal homes e.g. badger setts, birds e.g. bird of prey nests and private property e.g. bat roosts.  It is important to provide the best spatial reference as possible for a record while this functionality ensures species are protected and privacy is maintained. Please use your own discretion in deciding upon the sensitivity of your records.


If you intend to use this site regularly, it is recommended that you register with the site. This will mean you don't need to add your details each time you add a record and you will have access to some of the reporting tools available for viewing and editing your records.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more detailed information on how your data is collected, stored and used, www.nmni.com/CEDaR/CEDaR-Centre-for-Environmental-Data-and-Recording.aspx


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  • Enter records for Chris Packham's UK Bioblitz 2018!
  • Enter records for invasive alien species in Northern Ireland
  • Enter moth records trapped in a garden
  • Ring of Gullion

All records added to this site will be added to the CEDaR Recorder 6 database after they have been verified and will then be shared with relevant partners and uploaded to NBN Atlas.

If you have any queries please email cedar.records@nmni.com


Photo acknowledgements: Red Cushion Star - Bernard Picton; Barn Owl - Nigel Moore; Pine Marten - Mark Hamblin; Hedgehog - Kevin Keatley; Small Tortoiseshell, Wood Tiger, Common Darter, Foxes, Rabbit, Squirrel, Frog close up - Christine Cassidy; Frog - Fiona McCrory; Cream-spot Ladybird, Gorse Shieldbug - Roy Anderson; Cuckoo - Anthony McGeehan; Earthworm - OPAL; Grasshopper - Brian Nelson