CEDaR Online Recording Terms and Conditions of Use

Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR)

By using this website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use.  If you do not agree, please do not use the site.

  1. When you use this website, you create and upload content - for instance, wildlife observations, photos of nature, your descriptions of it, and messages to the forums.  By putting this information on the site, you are saying that:
    1. the content is yours, or you have the permission of the owner to agree to this usage, and
    2. you agree that the content can be used on this site, and
    3. you agree that your wildlife observations can be made publicly available for wider use.
  2. Wildlife observations collected through this site will be stored securely on a data warehouse currently hosted by the Biological Records Centre (BRC) and made available to experts for verification through iRecord (the BRC website for online recording).
  3. Verified wildlife observations will be downloaded and imported in to the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording (CEDaR) database, shared with relevant CEDaR satellite users and released to enquirers using the CEDaR Information Request Facility.
  4. Verified non-sensitive observations will be made publicly available via the CEDaR Information Request Facility and /or the NBN. CEDaR Online Recording data will be collated alongside other data and made available via NBN Atlas by the relevant national recording scheme, or will be provided directly via NBN Atlas in a dataset administered by the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording and/or the relevant national recording scheme. 
  5. All observations (verified and unverified including sensitive data) will be made instantly available to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to use in the normal course of their business to support local and national decision making.  If you do not want your observations to be made available in this way, please do not submit them.
  6. Once verified non-sensitive records have been made publicly available, their use will be governed by the CEDaR Information Request Facility Terms and Conditions and/or by NBN Atlas’s Terms and Conditions, e.g. use of the data for commercial purposes will not be allowed without written permission from the organisation administering the dataset. 
  7. Please do not submit records to this site that have already been submitted to a Vice County Recorder, National Recording Scheme or another online wildlife recording system e.g. iRecord, the National Biodiversity Data Centre website or the Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland website.
  8. Having submitted a record to this site, please do not submit it to other organisations or online recording schemes.  It will be made available to conservation organisations, natural history societies and others with a legitimate interest in the data via established routes e.g. the CEDaR Information Request Facility or NBN Atlas.
  9. You may view wildlife records submitted to this website by other users, but you may not store them, republish them, exploit them for commercial or academic research purposes, or pass them on to any third party.
  10. If consent is given, your contact details will be held in a database administered by the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording and in a database at the Biological Records Centre. They will only be used to contact you if there is a query about your wildlife observations by a verifier or a member of the CEDaR or iRecord teams.
  11. Your contact details will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details https://www.nmni.com/CEDaR/CEDaR-Centre-for-Environmental-Data-and-Recor...
  12. Your name will be stored as part of the record and may be made publicly available via NBN Atlas along with the species name, date and location of the record. 
  13. If you submit a record of a species that could be vulnerable to disturbance or persecution if the record is made publicly available, the record should be flagged as ‘sensitive’ and will not be made publicly available, but will be made available via the CEDaR Information Request Facility or NBN Atlas to registered organisations with a legitimate interest, e.g. government conservation agencies.
  14. If you are under 16 years old you must have permission from a parent or guardian before using this site.


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