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Please enter the species you saw and any other information about them.

The Species field will autocomplete as you type.
Tip: add an asterisk (*) before the species name if you want to search for part of the name e.g. *porpoise will return both common and harbour porpoise. If you can't find the species using the common name, try using the scientific name. Click on the species you want to choose.)

Determiner: if you have had an expert confirm the identification of a record please add their name in the 'Determiner' field. This will help when the record is being verified.

Sensitivity: It is recommended you only use this facility if you want to protect the location of the species.

Step 1
Select a species first
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Please provide the spatial reference of the record

By clicking on the map the spatial reference will autofill. The more you zoom in, the more accurate the grid reference.


For example the nearest town, village, park, nature reserve etc.
Please do not enter a postal address as the information you provide will be visible to others.

Notes about using the map:
  • use the + sign on the right hand side of the map to change the base mapping used from Google to OpenStreetMap.
  • To create an accurate and useful record, use your mouse to drag the area of interest to the centre of the map window and use the zoombar on the left hand side to zoom in tight to the area where you made the sighting. When you have zoomed in, click on the location - this will autofill the Spatial Reference box above.

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