Big Spawn Count

Big Spawn Count - Waterbody Survey recording form

 Christine Cassidy

The Big Spawn Count project is into its second year in Northern Ireland! This project is part of a larger national project which involves you going out to your local or garden waterbody (e.g. pond) and looking for frog spawn!


Picture showing clumps of spawn

You can download a Big Spawn Count Waterbody Survey recording form here (PDF). Take it with you on your survey to help you record everything you find.

Please enter your waterbody survey results below, including as much detail as possible.

Details of what you saw during your waterbody survey

Tick this box if this is a record that the species was not found.

Details about the frog spawn (if you saw any)
Details about your waterbody
What is the habitat around your waterbody and is there other wildlfe present
Details of recorder or parent/guardian/teacher if the recorder is under 18 (please note: your contact details will be used for record verification purposes only).
If your waterbody survey is part of a school project then please provide the following details
Date of waterbody survey
Please provide the spatial reference and site name for the record.

By clicking on the map the spatial reference will autofill. The more you zoom in, the more accurate the grid reference.


For example the nearest town, village, park, nature reserve etc.
Do not enter a postal address as the information you provide will be visible to others.

Notes about using the map:
  • use the + sign on the right hand side of the map to change the base mapping used from Google to OpenStreetMap.
  • To create an accurate and useful record, use your mouse to drag the area of interest to the centre of the map window and use the zoombar on the left hand side to zoom in tight to the area where you made the sighting. When you have zoomed in, click on the location - this will autofill the Spatial Reference box above.