Chris Packham’s UK Bioblitz 2018

Notes about using the map:
  • use the + sign on the right hand side of the map to change the base mapping used from Google to OpenStreetMap.
  • To create an accurate and useful record, use your mouse to drag the area of interest to the centre of the map window and use the zoombar on the left hand side to zoom in tight to the area where you made the sighting. When you have zoomed in, click on the location - this will autofill the Spatial Reference box above.

If another location, please enter the name here and enter a spatial reference manually using the Spatial Reference box

Please provide the spatial reference of the record. You can enter the reference directly, or search for a place then click on the map to set it.

Please provide a date for your sighting(s)
Please enter the species you saw and any other information about them.

The Species field will autocomplete as you type.
Tip: add an asterisk (*) before or after the species name if you want to search for part of the name e.g. *porpoise will return both common and harbour porpoise.
Using the first 2 letters for the genus and first 3 of the species names will find a species e.g. cavul will return species including Calluna vulgaris
Click on the species you want to choose.

Step 1
Please provide the recorder's name and use for the email address.
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